Campaign to "KILL A GAJILLION GERMS" Encourages Hand Hygiene for a Healthy School Year

Kathleen Hooker


By Kathleen Leigh

Digital Content Marketing Director, GOJO Industries

As a Mom keeping my family healthy is a high priority.  Let’s face it - when someone gets sick, as parents, we scramble the decks to make it work: missed meetings, special trips to the doctor’s office or store, and potentially even losing our much-needed vacations or “me-time.”  Whew! Thankfully, PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer keeps me virtually germ free so I don’t have to miss any of my family’s important moments.

Our new campaign for Back-to-School “Kill a Gajillion Germs™” celebrates and creates awareness for the everyday habit of good hand hygiene.  Studies show a reduction of absenteeism in schools when PURELL® Hand Sanitizer is used, and keeping my daughter in class means better opportunities for learning and developing. In a study published in the American Journal of Infection Control, the number of absences was 50.6% lower in a group of children in an elementary school who had an educational program about hand hygiene and hand sanitizer in comparison to a group who didn’t. 1 But hand sanitizing isn’t always top-of-mind, and so promoting it in a way that’s fun for the whole family makes good sense.

By going to www.purell.com/giveaway, fans of PURELL products can:

  • Upload a video explaining what a “Gajillion” is and gain entry for a Grand Prize Trip for four to Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas
  • Download a coupon for great savings on your favorite PURELL® brand
  • Take the PURELL® Pledge for a healthy school year and enter for a chance to win prizes for your school

View video for program details.

We’re so eager to help you experience the brand that our first 1,000 pledge entrants also get free product.  And we’ve added games and other fun facts to help you feel good about daily good hand hygiene for you and your family. Data strongly suggests that a hand hygiene program that combines education and use of a hand sanitizer in the classroom can lower absenteeism and be cost-effective.  Really, using PURELL hand sanitizer is just another smart tool in our “Mom and Dad toolkit.”  When your best friend’s family can’t make the summer barbecue because “it’s going around,” drop off a care package with some PURELL® Advanced and let her know that she has a “Gajillion” reasons to put her kids on video.  And who knows?  She just might land herself a trip and take you along too!

Please find below more information and studies related to the effect of hand hygiene on absenteeism and illness rate.

Study: Effect of hand sanitizer use on elementary school absenteeism.
Results: The overall reduction in absenteeism due to infection in the schools included in this study was 19.8% for schools that used an alcohol gel hand sanitizer compared with the control schools.

Study: The effect of a comprehensive handwashing program on absenteeism in elementary schools.
Results: Two hundred ninety students from five independent schools were enrolled in the study. Each test classroom had a control classroom, and only the test classroom received the intervention (education program and hand sanitizer). Absenteeism data was collected for 3 months. The number of absences was 50.6% lower in the test group.

Study: The effect of hand hygiene on illness rate among students in university residence halls.
Results: The overall increase in hand-hygiene behavior and reduction in symptoms, illness rates, and absenteeism between the product group and control group was statistically significant. Reductions in upper respiratory-illness symptoms ranged from 14.8% to 39.9%. Total improvement in illness rate was 20%. The product group had 43% less missed school/work days.

1 Ginan, M., M. McGuckin, and Y. Ali. 2002. “The effect of a comprehensive handwashing program on absenteeism in elementary schools.” American Journal of Infection Control 30: 217-220.

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