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How Qualifying Hospitals Can Try the SMARTLINK™ Activity Monitoring System Risk Free for 60 Days

John Lerner


By John Lerner

SMARTLINK™ Solutions Business Development Vice President

SMARTLINK™ Solutions help hospitals prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) by accurately tracking hand hygiene performance and providing clinician-based support for sustained improvement. Eligible hospitals can currently try the SMARTLINK™ Activity Monitoring System (AMS) risk free for 60 days. In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Implementation of the trial
  • What hospitals can expect for the full 60 days
  • Best practices for choosing the right trial location

How to Start Implementation

Multiple stakeholders need to be aligned—including Infection Prevention, Environmental Services, IT, Quality and Finance. However, in many hospitals there is a dedicated hand hygiene committee that could either approve or support implementation of a SMARTLINK™ AMS 60-day trial.

This no-cost trial covers five patient rooms. When selecting a location for the trial, the best practice is to ensure you have a strong unit manager who can take on this project successfully. GOJO will also need to conduct on-site clinical observations and engage leadership, management and front-line staff for brief interviews to perform a comprehensive hand hygiene evaluation.

What to Expect for the Full 60 Days

If your hospital qualifies for a risk-free trial, you’ll be assigned a GOJO Project Manager and Clinical Application Specialist to complete a site survey and manage the installation of connected dispensers. Over the next 60 days, your GOJO team will work closely with hospital staff to:

  • Provide more accurate sampling of hand hygiene performance rates, compared to direct observation
  • Identify barriers to optimal performance and develop targeted improvement initiatives
  • Measure the impact of interventions such as hand hygiene education and just-in-time coaching
  • Conduct a full clinical assessment and make recommendations for further improvement

Your hospital-based performance improvement team, infection preventionists and front-line caregivers will receive ongoing clinical support after the installation of SMARTLINK™ AMS hardware is complete and throughout the 60-day trial. This includes:

  • Education based on the 5 RIGHTS OF HAND HYGIENE™
  • Just-in-time coaching to sustain improved performance
  • Custom programs based on qualitative analysis of SMARTLINK™ AMS data

At the conclusion of the trial, your Clinical Application Specialist will present a complete report of the trial’s findings and recommendations to continue improving hand hygiene performance.

How Your Hospital Will Benefit From the Trial

This trial enables infection preventionists, unit management and hospital leaders to see firsthand the value of monitoring hand hygiene 24/7 and tracking the impact of clinical interventions in real time. This is a risk-free opportunity for all stakeholders to experience how the SMARTLINK™ AMS will work in their clinical environment.

Equally importantly, infection preventionists and managers will gain an invaluable opportunity to assess current performance levels and understand how their interventions affect actual behavior.

Learn More About SMARTLINK™ Solutions

Complying with recommended hand hygiene practices is the best way to reduce the risk of spreading HAIs. SMARTLINK™ Solutions can help by providing accurate, objective monitoring and clinician-based support for performance improvement.

Contact GOJO to learn whether your hospital could be eligible to participate in a 60-day, no-cost trial of the SMARTLINK™ AMS.

Learn more about SMARTLINK™ Technology.

Read our Electronic Monitoring Systems FAQ.

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