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Best Practices to Ensure Optimal Performance After Deploying SMARTLINK

John Lerner


By John Lerner

SMARTLINK™ Solutions Business Development Vice President

GOJO SMARTLINK™ Solutions enable hospitals to measure, track and improve hand hygiene performance—but implementing electronic compliance monitoring technology is only the beginning. Hospitals and healthcare facilities need to utilize the available tools and resources to drive sustained improvement, keep leadership engaged, and maximize the return on investment from hand hygiene initiatives.

This article explores three ways for hospitals to optimize their hand hygiene program using SMARTLINK™ Solutions.

1. Build and Sustain Hand Hygiene Improvement With Peer-Level Clinical Support

GOJO Clinical Application Specialists provide hand hygiene expertise and dedicated peer-level support to facilitate performance improvement efforts within hospitals. Clinician-based support brings the specialized knowledge and skill sets required to overcome barriers to successful hand hygiene improvement.

The process begins with a comprehensive hand hygiene assessment and data analysis. GOJO clinicians use this information to develop accurate baseline performance metrics and goals for improvement.

Next, frontline nurses and infection preventionists receive education based on the 5 RIGHTS OF HAND HYGIENE™. Just-in-time coaching from peer-level clinicians helps ensure workers consistently apply best practices on the hospital floor.

Based on their observations and data from electronic monitoring, GOJO clinicians then create custom programs for the hospital. This includes a 12-week performance improvement project to be implemented by hospital staff with coaching and support from clinical application specialists.

2. Quantify Hand Hygiene Benefits to Maintain Leadership Engagement

Infection prevention professionals (IPs) know how challenging it is to prove the value of hand hygiene in terms that matter to hospital leadership. Oftentimes, a lack of objective data is the main problem. SMARTLINK™ Solutions eliminate barriers to effective measurement by electronically monitoring actual hand hygiene opportunities and events in real time—and presenting the data in an easy-to-use dashboard.

By accurately measuring trends in hand hygiene compliance and linking them to cost and quality factors such as hospital-acquired infection (HAI) rates, hospital IPs can demonstrate the true value of hand hygiene improvement and maintain the necessary executive-level support.

3. Leverage the Efficiency of Smartlink™ Solutions

In addition to supporting performance improvement, SMARTLINK™ Solutions enable hospitals to make hand hygiene more efficient with innovative products such as Service Alerts. This back-end solution tracks status information for soap and hand sanitizer dispensers in real time and provides updates to the facility’s management and cleaning staff.

SMARTLINK™ Service Alerts enable predictive and proactive servicing of dispensers—eliminating inefficiencies and waste, and ensuring reliable hand hygiene products are always within reach for healthcare workers.

Empowered by the accuracy and efficiency of SMARTLINK™ Solutions, hospitals can achieve sustained long-term performance improvement. Contact GOJO today to learn more.

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