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Tricia Swartz and Jason Thompson, Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Tricia Swartz works as a Patient Safety Improvement Lead with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute. Most recently, Tricia worked as a Director of Patient Safety, Quality and Risk Management at a large community-based regional health centre in Ontario.

With more than 17 years in healthcare, Tricia has held various progressive management positions in both the acute and long-term care sectors including, Manager of Surgical Services, Manager of In-Patient Rehabilitation Care, Director of Care and Director of Patient Safety, Quality and Risk Management.

Tricia is a Registered Nurse and holds a Bachelor of Nursing Science degree from Ryerson University and a Master of Science specializing in Patient Safety, Quality Improvement from the University of Toronto.

Jason Thompson, Communications Team, Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Jason Thompson is a member of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute's (CPSI) communications team. Working out of the Edmonton office, Jason’s primary responsibility is to provide communications support for Safer Healthcare Now!, Canada's Forum on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement and STOP! Clean Your Hands Day, among others.

Before joining CPSI, Jason was employed as a communications officer with the Downtown Village Development Corporation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the revitalization of Sudbury’s downtown core. He discovered CPSI and Safer Healthcare Now! as a writer with Axiom News, where he wrote stories chronicling patient safety improvement efforts across Canada for the Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada and got to know many of the dedicated individuals working to promote patient safety in Canada. Impressed with CPSI and its vision of safe healthcare for all Canadians, he jumped at the chance to join the organization.

Communicate your way to clean hands
Communicate Your Way to Clean Hands


By Tricia Swartz and Jason Thompson, Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Hand Hygiene is pretty simple. In fact, it’s so simple it’s taught to us as children.

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