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Hand Hygiene
A Focus on Improving Healthcare Worker Skin Health


By Megan J. DiGiorgio, MSN, RN, CIC, FAPIC

Clinical Specialist, GOJO Industries

Hand hygiene plays an important role in reducing the spread of infection in healthcare but, as we all know, there are barriers to hand hygiene compliance. One of the challenges we often see is that healthcare workers aren’t using the hand hygiene products available to them because they irritate their skin. This is why having products formulated to improve skin health is critical and why we are focusing on this topic at the GOJO Symposium at this year’s APIC Conference.

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Securing the Next Generation of Skilled Technical Workers
Securing the Next Generation of Skilled Technical Workers


By Mark Susanek

Marketing Associate II, Industrial, GOJO Industries

One of the most pressing challenges facing the skilled trades is how they can attract younger talent to join their workforce. According to the Manpower Group’s 2014 Talent Shortage Survey, jobs for skilled trade workers are the hardest to fill.1 In fact, skilled trades have been the most difficult to fill since 2010.2  So what can employers do to secure the skilled trade workforce of the future? At GOJO, we see the solution in collaboration.

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Mechanic in garage
The Do's and Don'ts of Hand Care for Backyard Mechanics


By Diana Costanzo

Sales Vice President - Automotive & Textile

It's time to get out and tinker in the garage. Keep your hands healthy with these tips.

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GOJO Soap, man washing his hands
Little Things Pay Big Dividends


By Harold Tyreman

Retired Vice President, Sales and Marketing, GOJO Industries

Businesses invest billions in technology, engineering and people to gain advantages. It’s easy to understand why attention to those areas is important. But it’s also easy to overlook how far a small investment at employees’ wash basins can go in boosting attendance, morale, productivity and profits

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Mechanic in garage
Improve Your Employees' Hand Hygiene and Productivity


By Harold Tyreman

Retired Vice President, Sales and Marketing, GOJO Industries

The lack of attention on hand hygiene regimens in manufacturing facilities can have a significant negative impact on employee health.

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