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Taking a Closer Look at the 2 Most Common Foodborne Illnesses
Taking a Closer Look at the 2 Most Common Foodborne Illnesses


By Dave Shumaker

Microbiology Scientist, GOJO Industries

Did you know according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there are more than 250 different types of foodborne illnesses? While that number is staggering, there are two illnesses that account for nearly 70% of all foodborne illness outbreaks in the United States – norovirus and Salmonella.

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Biomimicry - Combining Innovation and Sustainability


By Emily Kennedy

Biomimicry Fellow, GOJO

Biomimicry is a design-by-analogy method. It involves repurposing biological strategies to solve human technical and social challenges. As a result of natural selection, biological strategies are highly adapted and differentiated, and tend to be remarkably resource efficient. This makes biology a rich source of inspiration for novel, environmentally sustainable product innovations.

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Potential Cost Savings with the PURELL Healthy Hands Campaign
Potential Cost Savings With The PURELL HEALTHY HANDS CAMPAIGN™


By Megan Powell

Market Development Director, GOJO Industries

Did you know schools experience multiple financial effects as a result of illness-related absenteeism? Funding for schools in all 50 states is tied to attendance in one way or another, and there is often a direct correlation between the two. In addition, there are substantial costs associated with covering absent teachers, and in the event of a major outbreak, the cost of resolving the incident can be in the millions.

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GOJO Honored as E3 Award Winner from the Ohio EPA
GOJO Honored as E3 Award Winner from the Ohio EPA


By Sunshine Scherer

Environmental Manager, GOJO Industries

At GOJO, we incorporate sustainability into everything we do through Sustainable Ways of Working (SWOW℠). SWOW describes our approach to changing the way we think and work. GOJO has long demonstrated this by proactive environmental management, and these efforts were recently recognized by Ohio EPA when the agency honored GOJO for achieving the Gold Level in its Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) Program.

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Electronic Monitoring Systems
How SMARTLINK™ Technology Empowers Hospitals in the Fight to Prevent HAIs and Protect Reimbursements


By Lori Moore, RN

Clinical Application Specialist, GOJO Industries

The frequency of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) is an increasingly important metric in hospital evaluations that affects millions of dollars in reimbursements from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). 

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