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Positions Available

Below is a listing of the positions that are currently available at GOJO.

GOJO is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.

Compliance Business Team

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Business Development Director – Informatics Products GOJO Plaza - Akron, OH4/17/2015ComplianceApply for this position
Technology Products Support ManagerAkron, OH4/1/2015ComplianceApply for this position
Project Manager - Compliance BusinessAkron, OH3/24/2015Compliance BusinessApply for this position

Dispenser Services

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Dispenser Services Field RepresentativeNew England Area2/25/2015Dispenser ServicesApply for this position
Dispenser Installation CoordinatorAkron, OH3/6/2015Dispenser ServicesApply for this position


TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Business AnalystGOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio4/9/2015Corporate FinanceApply for this position

Global Business Development

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
International Operations Director - #6278GOJO Plaza - Akron, OH3/22/2015Global Business DevelopmentApply for this position

Global Quality

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Quality ManagerAkron, OH4/8/2015Global QualityApply for this position

Global Sourcing

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Global Sourcing Director Cuyahoga Falls, OH3/3/2015Global SourcingApply for this position
Global Senior Purchasing AgentAkron, OH3/11/2015Global SourcingApply for this position
Global Sourcing SpecialistGOJO Lippman Campus-Cuyahoga Falls, OH4/3/2015Global SourcingApply for this position


TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Infection Prevention Specialist (Clinical Application Specialist)GOJO Plaza - Akron, OH4/9/2015HealthcareApply for this position
Support SpecialistGOJO Plaza, Akron, Ohio3/23/2015HealthcareApply for this position
Business Development Director - Clinical Applications ProgramGOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio4/9/2015HealthcareApply for this position

Human Resources

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Strategic Internal Communications DirectorGOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio4/9/2015HRODApply for this position


TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Key Customer Requirement Coordinator Cuyahoga Falls, OH3/25/2015Logistics-TrafficApply for this position


TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Chemical Production Process ManagerCuyahoga Falls, OH3/17/2015MixingApply for this position
Production Leader-2nd ShiftStow, OH3/17/2015ProductionApply for this position
Production Leader-1stStow, OH3/30/2015ProductionApply for this position
Production SupervisorGOJO Lippman Campus - Cuyahoga Falls, OH4/17/2015ManufacturingApply for this position


TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Social Media Marketing ManagerGOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio4/9/2015Marketing ServicesApply for this position

Product Management

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Product Manager II - PURELL InnovationGOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio4/9/2015Product ManagementApply for this position

PURELL Consumer

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Key Account SpecialistGOJO Plaza, Akron, Ohio3/12/2015PURELL ConsumerApply for this position
Brand Manager - Purell Consumer and E-CommerceGOJO Plaza - Akron, OH4/9/2015Purell Consumer and E-CommerceApply for this position
Digital Content SpecialistGOJO Plaza - Akron, OH4/14/2015Purell Consumer and E-CommerceApply for this position

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
QA Compliance Analyst ICuyahoga Falls, OH3/27/2015QAApply for this position


TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Regulatory Affairs SpecialistGOJO Plaza- Akron, OH4/9/2015Regulatory AffairsApply for this position
Senior Regulatory Affairs SpecialistGOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio4/9/2015Regulatory AffairsApply for this position

Research and Development

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Scientist I - New Product DevelopmentGOJO Plaza - Akron, OH4/16/2015Research and DevelopmentApply for this position
Microbiology Lab TechnicianGOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio3/19/2015Research & DevelopmentApply for this position
Packaging Engineer II - PURELL Consumer and E-CommerceGOJO Plaza - Akron, OH4/9/2015Research and DevelopmentApply for this position
Packaging Engineer II-- New Innovation and Product Development GOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio4/14/2015Research & DevelopmentApply for this position


TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
National Account Director - FoodServiceField Sales--resides on the West Coast4/9/2015FoodServiceApply for this position
Corporate Accounts Director Field Sales - Southern California4/9/2015North America Commercial SalesApply for this position

Sales Operations

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Pricing Analyst IIGOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio4/17/2015Sales OperationsApply for this position

Trade Marketing

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Unit Administrative Coordinator - Trade Marketing & Sales OperationsGOJO Plaza, Akron, Ohio3/19/2015Trade Marketing & Sales OperationsApply for this position

Value Chain Improvement

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Operational Excellence Analysis ManagerGOJO Plaza - Akron, OH3/30/2015Value Chain Improvement Operational ExcellenceApply for this position
Senior Scientist GOJO Plaza-Akron, Ohio4/3/2015Value Chain ImprovementApply for this position
Life Cycle Resource AnalystGOJO Plaza-Akron, Ohio4/3/2015Value Chain ImprovementApply for this position
Operational Excellence Analyst IIAkron, OH4/17/2015Operational ExcellenceApply for this position
Project Coordinator-Operational ExcellenceAkron, OH4/17/2015Operational ExcellenceApply for this position


TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Warehouse Associate 2nd ShiftCuyahoga Falls, OH3/5/2015Logistics-Shipping & ReceivingApply for this position
Warehouse Associate 3rd ShiftCuyahoga Falls, OH3/5/2015Logistics-Shipping & ReceivingApply for this position

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