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Positions Available

Below is a listing of the positions that are currently available at GOJO.

GOJO is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.


TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Staff AccountantGOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio4/11/2014Financial SystemApply for this position

Customer Service

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Customer Service SpecialistGOJO Plaza - Akron, OH3/24/2014Customer Interaction CenterApply for this position


TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Electrical EngineerGOJO Lippman Campus, Cuyahoga Falls Ohio2/21/2014Supply Chain EngineeringApply for this position

Global Business Development

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Global Business Development Director - Southeast AsiaSan Francisco, California3/25/2014International Sales and MarketingApply for this position

Information Technologies

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
SAP Business Proces Owner - FICO/BPCGOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio4/8/2014Center of Excellence in Information TechnologyApply for this position


TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Shipping Supervisor-2nd ShiftGOJO Lippman Campus, Cuyahoga Falls4/15/2014LogisticsApply for this position


TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Maintenance Engineering Technician-3rd ShiftLippman Campus, Cuyahoga Falls Ohio4/3/2014MaintenanceApply for this position


TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Marketing Director GOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio3/25/2014North America Business Apply for this position
Market Development DirectorGOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio3/13/2014Market Development - Emerging MarketsApply for this position
Social Media Marketing ManagerGOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio3/20/2014Marketing ServicesApply for this position
Marketing Communications DirectorGOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio4/10/2014Marketing ServicesApply for this position
Public Relations ManagerGOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio4/10/2014Marketing ServicesApply for this position

Product Management

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Product Manager II - Skin Cleaning, International GOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio4/8/2014Product ManagementApply for this position
Product Manager II - Skin Cleansing and BathingGOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio4/9/2014Product ManagementApply for this position

PURELL Consumer

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Trade Marketing Manager - PURELL Consumer GOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio4/17/2014PURELL ConsumerApply for this position

Research and Development

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Senior Scientist - Product DevelopmentGOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio4/1/2014Research and DevelopmentApply for this position
Principal Scientist - New Technology and AlliancesGOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio3/13/2014Research and DevelopmentApply for this position


TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
National Account Director - New EnglandField Sales3/13/2014Commercial Business TeamApply for this position
National Account Manager - E-CommerceField Sales3/7/2014North America Sales Apply for this position

Sales Operations

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Pricing SpecialistGOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio3/12/2014Sales OperationsApply for this position

Trade Marketing

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Trade Marketing Associate - Mobile TechnologiesGOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio3/6/2014Trade MarketingApply for this position
National Account Implementation Leader (B2B)GOJO Plaza - Akron, Ohio3/25/2014Trade MarketingApply for this position

Value Chain Improvement

TitleLocationLast UpdatedDepartment
Packaging Engineer IIGOJO Plaza - Akron, OH3/18/2014Value Chain ImprovemenApply for this position

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