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As America’s #1 brand of instant hand sanitizer and the product most trusted by hospitals, PURELL® hand sanitizer gives both patients and staff the peace of mind of knowing they’re using the most effective instant hand sanitizer in the industry. Plus, with convenient dispensing options that can be placed in a variety of locations, clean hands are always within reach.

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PURELL® hand sanitizer keeps staff and patients safe, thanks to industry-leading performance against bacteria. In fact, in a recent test, PURELL Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer outperformed the leading brands by meeting and exceeding FDA requirements for Healthcare Personnel Hand Wash.1 See how they compare

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Proven. Preferred. Effective. In addition to proven effectiveness, PURELL® hand sanitizer is known and trusted with healthcare workers and patients alike. By quickly eliminating germs while still being gentle on skin, PURELL hand sanitizer provides a better, more efficient way to clean hands and helps maximize time with patients. View the full line of PURELL products

PURELL™ Healthcare Surface Disinfectant


Powerful Germ Kill,
PURELL™ Peace of Mind.

The brand you’ve trusted to fight germs on hands for over 25 years has revolutionized the way we disinfect and clean surfaces. PURELL™ Healthcare Surface Disinfectant eliminates 27 organisms – 22 in just 30 seconds – including MRSA, VRE and Norovirus. Made with PURELL TOUCHABLE™ Technology, our new, fragrance-free formulation is proven effective on a wide variety of hard and soft surfaces, with no protective equipment required and no harsh chemical fumes.

Discover PURELL Healthcare Surface Disinfectant

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Convenient, Reliable Dispensing Options With a full array of dispensing options, including wall-mounted and freestanding units, PURELL® hand sanitizer can be close at hand in every situation. Plus, these easy-to-install dispensing systems are backed by the GOJO® Lifetime Performance Guarantee. Find your perfect dispensing system

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Put PURELL® Hand Sanitizer
Out Front
Patient comfort goes beyond the examining room. A lobby and reception area with conveniently-placed PURELL® products demonstrates your commitment to a clean, comfortable environment. Put your patients at ease
  1. Healthcare Personnel Handwash Study# 110103-101, April 5, 2011, Bioscience Laboratories, Bozeman, MT; Healthcare Personnel Handwash Study# 100907-101, January 6, 2011, Bioscience Laboratories, Bozeman, MT.