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Candida auris
What You Need to Know About Candida auris in the Healthcare Setting


By Rachel Leslie

Clinical Science Manager

Recent media reports have called attention to Candida auris, a fungus which was first discovered in a woman’s ear canal in a Japanese hospital in 20091 and has since spread across the globe, landing in the United States four years ago as a new cause of healthcare-associated infections.According to the CDC, C. auris is an emerging pathogen that presents a serious global health threat due to frequent resistance to antifungal drugs, causing severe illness in patients, patients remaining carriers of the organism, and its’ ability to survive on environmental surfaces for an extended period of time.3

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Innovative Solutions for Counter Mount Soap Systems


By Nate Nicoll

Market Development Manager

GOJO was founded in 1946 when Jerry and Goldie Lippman worked together to invent the GOJO® Hand Cleaner after seeing how Goldie’s hands suffered from the harsh chemical cleaners rubber factory workers used to clean their hands.

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Being Proactive to Stop the Spread of Norovirus - the Importance of Excluding Sick Food Handlers


By Chip Manuel, Ph.D.

Food Safety Science Advisor

Norovirus is the leading cause of foodborne illness in the United States. It causes 58 percent of all foodborne illness each year, which amounts to approximately $2 billion in costs, mainly due to lost productivity and healthcare costs.

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Athletes celebrating victory
Share the Victory, Not the Germs


By Amanda Kaye

Market Development Director

Athletes spend a tremendous amount of time with their teammates, coaches and training staff. It’s no secret that team chemistry is essential to winning, but when does that camaraderie put athletes at risk for illness? Student athletes’ schedules are hectic to say the least, and the training staff stays just as busy with their day-to-day tasks. It takes teamwork to win on the field, but it also takes teamwork in athletic facilities to prevent the spread of illness-causing germs that can sideline athletes. Because germs don’t stay in the training room, infection prevention is a shared responsibility for everyone who cleans these facilities – from training rooms to stadiums and beyond.

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Workers training on cash register
Food Safety Training and Education Lead to Food Safety Culture


By Francine Shaw

President/CEO of Savvy Food Safety, Inc.

Food safety culture, food safety education, food safety training – all phrases that we hear daily in the foodservice industry. While they sound similar, they are not synonymous. In my opinion as a food safety expert, there’s a huge difference between food safety education and food safety training. Food safety education is an ongoing effort to teach foodservice professionals about more than just the “basics.” It’s helping them understand why food safety is so important, the proper protocols to follow, how to prevent contamination, cross-contact, etc. – on an ongoing basis. 

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