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Healthy Hands for the Lives You Touch

Technicians come in contact with stubborn soils like grease, tar and oil every day. It’s part of the job. With the wrong hand cleaner, washing can become a time-consuming, frustrating chore resulting in dry, cracked hands that hurt and never really get clean.

Since 1946, GOJO scientists have worked side-by-side with auto techs, studying the daily challenges they face in keeping their skin clean and healthy. Our resulting program makes getting hands safely clean as easy as getting them dirty.

GOJO Hand Hygiene Program for Auto Technicians

  • GOJO, America’s #1 heavy-duty hand cleaner1, is now available in a new gel formula to remove difficult soils quickly, safely and completely
  • Durable dispensing systems make hand cleaning easy and convenient
  • A simple “Clean & Condition” regimen improves skin condition in just 14 days2

Explore our complete program, and learn how GOJO helps make life better for service technicians by helping them take care of their most important tools – their hands.

1 Aftermarket Business Installer Survey, 2003. Survey showed GOJO brand usage at 42.2% over competitive brands.
2 Arbogast JW, Fendler EJ, Hammond BS, Cartner TJ, Dolan MD, Ali Y, Maibach HI. Effectiveness of a Hand Care Regimen with Moisturizer in Manufacturing Facilities Where Workers Are Prone to Occupational Irritant Dermatitis. Dermatitis, Vol 15, No 1 (March), 2004: pp 10-17.

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