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Clean Hands with No Reservations

Are your employees’ hands clean? Are they following your prescribed hand hygiene regimen to prevent contamination and the spread of germs? Compliance can be difficult given the fast-paced environment of a typical restaurant kitchen. Germs brought in by patrons can also lead to contamination.

GOJO offers easy-to-implement, comprehensive hand hygiene programs to help reduce your risk, including a Back of the House program for operators and employees, and a Front of the House Program that focuses on patrons.

GOJO Foodservice Hand Hygiene Program

  • Trusted brands - PURELL® Hand Sanitizer and GOJO®
  • Highly efficacious, Food Code Compliant formulas that kill germs on hands
  • Easy-to-implement hand hygiene regimens tailored to meet the needs of your operation
  • Easy access to hand hygiene through a variety of dispensing options, including PURELL OUT FRONT™, a program designed specifically for patrons
  • An easy-to-use compliance monitoring program

Explore the GOJO Foodservice Hand Hygiene Program and learn how to make hand hygiene a priority for employees and patrons.

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