Innovative Measurement Tools

Monitor. Measure. Improve.

Managing a successful compliance program takes constant monitoring, accurate measurement and effective use of the data collected. The components of the GOJO® SMARTLINK™ solution can be used individually or together to create a compliance program that can help you reduce the number of healthcare-associated infections in your facility.


By seamlessly integrating with GOJO® touch-free dispensers, SMARTLINK™ makes it easy to monitor staff compliance by capturing multiple touch points and seamlessly converts real-time data into useable information that can be leveraged to provide accurate feedback with your compliance program.

Electronic Compliance Monitoring
GOJO SMARTLINK™ Activity Monitoring System

The GOJO® SMARTLINK™ Activity Monitoring System is a group monitoring system that allows you to track soap and sanitizer activations (events) vs. opportunities (entering and exiting a location). The software then provides detailed information at the room, unit, floor and facility levels.

GOJO SMARTLINK™ Integrated Technology

Our integrated dispenser technology is compatible with most leading healthcare technology platforms, including Real Time Locating Systems, and provides hand hygiene compliance at an individual level by communicating hand wash and sanitize events with electronic employee badges.

GOJO SMARTLINK™ Observation System

With the GOJO SMARTLINK™ Observation System, you can get instant access to real-time compliance data via a secure, Web-based portal, allowing you to track your facility’s progress and make improvements on the fly.