Safe, Effective Infection Control

Patients and staff in mental and behavioral health facilities face a set of unique challenges, including hand sanitizer misuse, dispenser breakage and patient safety. Making proper hand hygiene available to everyone when needed can help prevent the spread of illness and infection. Additionally, our portfolio of industry-leading products and dispensing systems can make hand hygiene accessible in more places.

Safety and Security First
Safety and Security First Keeping patients safe goes beyond infection control. The revolutionary GOJO® LTX™ Behavioral Health Dispensing System features patented anti-ligature design and time-delayed output control, so you no longer have to choose between infection control and patient safety. See how we're reshaping the market

GOJO Mental & Behavioral Health Solutions
Hand Hygiene Where it Matters From the nurses’ station to the restrooms, we offer product solutions that make it easy to maintain hand hygiene protocols throughout your facility – even on a personal-carry level. Featuring our SANTARY SEALED™ Refills, our dispensing systems allow you to create an effective, highly customized well-being solution. View the full line of dispensing systems

GOJO Mental & Behavioral Health Solutions
Proven Formulations A complete hand hygiene program features products that are proven to be effective against infection, while being gentle on skin after repeated use. PURELL® Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer and PROVON® Foam Handwash and Showerwash give you the ability to help prevent the spread of germs in your facility. Learn more about our formulations

PURELL™ Healthcare Surface Disinfectant


Powerful Germ Kill,
PURELL™ Peace of Mind.

The brand you’ve trusted to fight germs on hands for over 25 years has revolutionized the way we disinfect and clean surfaces. PURELL™ Healthcare Surface Disinfectant eliminates 27 organisms – 22 in just 30 seconds – including MRSA, VRE and Norovirus. Made with PURELL TOUCHABLE™ Technology, our new, fragrance-free formulation is proven effective on a wide variety of hard and soft surfaces, with no protective equipment required and no harsh chemical fumes.

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