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Volume 10 - 2018

Issue Knowledge Segment Product Feature
Issue 3
Winter is Coming: Are You Skin Health Savvy?
PROVON® Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion
Issue 2 Unit-Led Just-in-Time Coaching: Part of a Winning Strategy to Improve Hand Hygiene Send a Signal of Quality Care with The PURELL SOLUTION™
Issue 1 Electronic Hand Hygiene Monitoring as a Complement to Direct Observation to Benefit Patient Safety
GOJO SMARTLINK™ Electronic Monitoring Solutions for Healthcare

Volume 9 - 2017

Issue Knowledge Segment Product Feature
Issue 4
Regulatory Changes Ahead for Hand Soap in Healthcare: What to Expect in January
PURELL® Healthcare CRT HEALTHY SOAP™ High Performance Foam
Issue 3
Influenza (Flu) Season is Coming: Are You Ready?
Introducing the PURELL SOLUTION™
Issue 2 The Path to Healthier Hospitals and Safer Chemicals PURELL® Healthcare Surface Disinfectant
Issue 1 Coming Soon! Regulatory Changes for Hand Soap in Healthcare PROVON® Antimicrobial Handwash with 2% CHG
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