At GOJO, We Are Committed to Water Preservation Every Day

At GOJO, We Are Committed to Water Preservation Every Day

Nicole Koharik


By Nicole Koharik

Corporate Communications Director, GOJO Industries

As we draw closer to World Water Day (March 22) I am reminded of the commitment we have made here at GOJO to be stewards of water throughout every step of our processes, as well as in our daily work at our offices.

We’ve always been conscious of our water habits. From the days when Goldie and Jerry started the company, looking for a solution for Goldie and her workmates to clean up from a long-day’s labor, to today. GOJO continues to reduce the amount of water used in daily operations, through conservation, equipment upgrades and improved processes.  I am proud to say that we are making a positive impact around the world, providing hygiene solutions in areas where water is simply not readily available.

For instance, the PURELL® brand is a hand hygiene and hand sanitizing solution that is a waterless process that makes hand hygiene possible in regions of the world where water is so scarce or restricted that basic hygiene is difficult, if not impossible. We are also able to provide waterless hygiene solutions to migrant workers, military personnel in the field and victims of natural disasters. In such times and places, access to PURELL products can reduce the health risk associated with the absence of soap and clean water, and help keep people safe. 

In addition, we’ve undertaken equipment upgrades, improved processes and procedures and made other smart, sustainable measures that have resulted in a water savings of 49 million gallons in our production facilities between the years of 2010 and 2013. To get there, we’ve recently: 

  • Installed more efficient nozzles in hard-to-clean, high-production tanks
  • Improved water pretreatment and softening
  • Installed high-efficiency spray nozzles for hose reels
  • Initiated monthly preventative maintenance aimed at identifying and fixing leaks
  • Modified and optimized waterlines and operating procedures 

We recognize World Water Day again this year, and we commend and support the efforts being made at the United Nations and the World Water Council to keep water conservation and scarcity top of mind. This annual observance marks the critical importance of water to our lives and to the health of the planet. 

There are day-to-day problems in many parts of the world, especially in developing and emerging nations. Water scarcity or the lack of clean, convenient sources leads to health risk, lost time accessing untreated water from a distance, failed crops, hunger and poverty. 

Fortunately, businesses who are able and willing to affect change are doing so. At GOJO, we know that we can be part of the solution through our ongoing preservation efforts, continued product innovations, and insight and knowledge that collectively are making a difference, and fighting to help alleviate water issues. 

I would love to hear from you about this topic, and your insight into what you or your company is doing to move sustainability forward.  Share your comments below and we will post them to this blog post or reach out to me at KoharikN@gojo.com.

Happy World Water Day!

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