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Enhancing Direct Observation to Help Break the Chain of Infection

Tamara Cross


By Tamara Cross

SMARTLINK Solutions, Product Management Director

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) remain a patient safety concern, and there is a significant body of evidence that demonstrates a correlation between hand hygiene rates and infection rates; as hand hygiene goes up, infection rates go down. This is why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization consistently state that hand hygiene is considered the single most important means of reducing and preventing the spread of infection in healthcare settings.

Yet, the current state of hand hygiene compliance is far lower compared to what many originally thought, making objective hand hygiene compliance and tracking imperative. At GOJO, we work with each of our customers to help them find a solution that best fits their needs. This is why we launched our GOJO SMARTLINK™ Observation (OBV) System, a mobile application that connects to GOJO SMARTLINK web-based software and allows for the electronic collection and collation of hand hygiene and PPE compliance metrics. The OBV System allows observers to collect hand hygiene and PPE observations using either a smartphone or tablet. Once collected, the data is then automatically collated and sent to the GOJO SMARTLINK software for easy, real-time reporting and feedback.

Last year, GOJO partnered with the Hospital Quality Institute’s (HQI) Hospital-Acquired Infections Workgroup, a forum designed to study evidence-based improvement for hand hygiene compliance and accountability, to gain insight on direct observation and how the GOJO OBV System can help drive improvement. Learn from inflection preventionists who tested this solution in this video from HQI. Hear how they overcame challenges, tailored the solution to their hospital’s needs and drove improvement through having real-time feedback.

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