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PURELL ES Everywhere System Workplace Wellness
Myth: Promoting a Positive Company Image Can Be Expensive


By Thom Wojtkun

National Account Director, Commercial Real Estate

Small, inexpensive wellness initiatives and office amenities can make a big difference in your employees’ daily lives—and how they view the company.

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Understanding the True Financial Impact of Absenteeism
Understanding the True Financial Impact of Absenteeism


By Thom Wojtkun

National Account Director, Commercial Real Estate

The true financial impact of unplanned absences caused by illness—and a wellness program that’s proven to reduce absenteeism and healthcare claims.

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PURELL Surface Sanitizing Disinfectant Spray
PURELL™ Brand Extends Portfolio with Launch of PURELL™ Surface Disinfecting and Sanitizing Sprays


By Jessica McCoy

Vice President and General Manager, Business Development

For the past 70 years, GOJO has been committed to developing hygiene solutions that meet the needs of our customers. These innovations include the introduction of the first waterless hand cleaner and creating the hand sanitizer category with the invention of PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer. Today, we extend that commitment with the expansion of PURELL™ products into the surface disinfecting and sanitizing category.

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GOJO Hand Hygiene Blog Recap: January - March 2016
The GOJO Hand Hygiene Blog Recap - April-June 2016


By Kelly McGlumphy

Public Relations Senior Manager, GOJO Industries

Summer is in full swing, and the GOJO Hand Hygiene Blog is the perfect addition to your summer reading list. Throughout the past three months, we have shared with you exciting news including the launch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Clean Hands Count Campaign and a landmark study that proves the PURELL™ Advanced Workforce Solution helps reduce health insurance claims and generates hard cost savings. In case you missed it, here are the Top 10 posts from the second quarter of 2016. 

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Food Safe Truth Bulletin Blog
The State of Food Safety in the Food Service Industry – Where Do We Go From Here?


By Dave Shumaker

Microbiology Scientist, GOJO Industries

Food safety and reducing the risk of foodborne illness is top of mind for many of us. As consumers, we assume we will not become ill when dining out with our family and friends at a restaurant. As restaurant owners, operators or managers, we believe our restaurant could never fall victim to an outbreak, and as restaurant employees, we are confident we follow safe food handling practices. While we all believe we are taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of foodborne illness, one striking fact remains – foodborne illness still occurs way too often.

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